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Protect your clothes from errant coffee spills with BeBibs

Everyone can enjoy BeBibs wide range of benefits! With a variety of fabric patterns and colors, BeBibs are designed to appeal to all ages. They are lightweight and machine washable. Keep one in the bathroom and another in the car or pocketbook for any occasion.

BeBibs make the perfect gift for a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, sister or friend. Ideal for a teenager experimenting with makeup, for an older woman experiencing more spills while eating or for any woman looking to protect her clothing with a product that is fashionable, functional and fun.

Protect your wedding dress from makeup spills and stains.

Brides Use BeBibs!

BeBibs are a must for every bride on her wedding day! Protect your dress from mishaps that could occur in the excitement of this special event. BeBibs will ensure that your dress remains spotless to keep you looking beautiful and give you pictures that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Protect your clothing while you enjoy your coffee!

Women Who Love Coffee Use BeBibs!

Enjoy your coffee without fear of spills and stains on your clothes! BeBibs easily slip on over your clothes and catch any possible drips so that you keep your spotless appearance! So confidently enjoy your cup of coffee before work and know that you will arrive looking your best with BeBibs adult clothing protectors!