Protect your clothes from your morning routine with a fun, fashionable adult bib

Who Are We?

Rebecca Turley established BeBibs, Inc. to provide a solution to a problem so many women face.

“We carefully select our outfit, we budget our time to accommodate our morning routine and then at the most inconvenient time an unexpected spill necessitates a wardrobe change and throws our day off schedule.”

Rebecca’s vision to provide people with a better start to their day took the traditional unflattering bib to another level. Designed with fashion and fun in mind Rebecca uses materials that are lightweight, attractive and uplifting making BeBibs a functional solution that is fun to wear.

In addition to protecting your clothing, BeBibs also provide inspiration as you begin your day.

“We all know that the first words and thoughts of the morning can have a profound impact on how our day unfolds. BeBibs are a great way to start your day on the right foot with clean clothes and a positive intention.”