Brides protect your wedding dress with a Bridal Bib from BeBibs!

Protect your dress on your wedding day!  Your special day is likely to include many makeup touchups and a quick something to eat or drink.  Don’t take a chance that a drip, drop or stain could ruin your day or your wedding pictures!  BeBibs are attractive and convenient adult fashion bibs that will protect your dress from unfortunate mishaps.  BeBibs are attached to a necklace that easily slides on over your dress to help you maintain your spotless appearance.  Just keep it in your bag and slip it on as you touch up your makeup through out the day.

BeBibs are a great gift for any Bride or Bridesmaid.  They can can be embroidered for a small additional fee to provide a special keepsake and pleasant reminder of your day.  BeBibs are a great gift that is new and fun!  Order yours today!

Adult fashion bibs

Protect your wedding dress from makeup spills and stains.

Adult Fashion Bib

Protect your wedding dress from spills and stains with an attractive and convenient BeBib!

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