Do you or someone you know compete in beauty pageants?

If so, BeBibs are the perfect accessory to bring along with you on these special and important competition days! Beauty pageant contestants will enjoy this fun and fashionable way to protect expensive dresses and outfits throughout the competition.

Members of the pageant industry know just how expensive these gorgeous gowns are and therefore appreciate the need to protect them. While contestants want to protect their gowns they also want to be fashionable when getting ready, doing last minute touch-ups or eating something to ease their hunger before competing. BeBibs are a much more comfortable alternative to wearing an old t-shirt and more convenient than taking off your dress completely. BeBibs simply slip on over any outfit and are machine washable.  They also come in a large variety of colors and patterns.

You won’t want to leave home without this convenient and fashionable solution for helping you look perfect throughout the big day! Get your BeBib today and feel confident on your pageant day!

This is what some of our pageant customers had to say about BeBibs….
“BeBibs are the perfect accessory for pageant girls on the go! We can’t wait for our girls to sport this stylish new item! Thanks BeBibs! XO”
Miss Rhode Island Jr. High, High School & Collegiate America Pageant

“This inventive product has made my life so much easier both in the pageant world and the modeling world. As someone who spends a lot of time in a hair and makeup chair, BeBibs are a life savor! I simply slide on my BeBib and know that my wardrobe will remain stain free! I can now enjoy using daring colors on my face knowing that my clothes are protected! No red lipstick stains here!” – Ashton Penney, Miss RI Collegiate America 2014

BeBibs are the ideal gift for someone about to compete. Wish them luck with this fun new product!  Embroidery can be added to offer a unique and cherished way to remember their important day! Check out the many styles and patterns.IMG_6583-2