Attention Beauty Fanatics!

BeBibs protect your clothes from make-up spills!

BeBibs protect your clothes from make-up spills!

A fashionable way to protect your clothes from make-up mishaps!

Attention beauty fanatics! Are you constantly getting makeup on your clothes or clients when doing professional makeup? We have the perfect fashionable solution for you! BeBibs are a fun and attractive way to protect expensive clothing, costumes, wedding dresses or whatever you are wearing from spills, drips and stains.

From makeup artists, to beauty bloggers or youtubers, to the average makeup wearer– BeBiBs will become an essential part of your makeup routine. With a wide array of patterns, colors, and textures you can always be your best with BeBibs.

About the product

This bib-like product provides a wide range of benefits that will keep your appearance looking flawless all day long. Start your day off right without worrying about makeup fallout onto your clothing. Need to touch up? Keep your BeBib in your purse and throw it on for retouches. They are lightweight and machine washable.You can also get BeBibs embroidered with your name  (Makeup by Mary).

Protect your dress on your special day with BeBibs

BeBibs protect your Dress on your Special Day!

Wedding Dress Protector

Protect your day from disaster!

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