Beauty Pageant Contestants and Winners use BeBibs!

BeBibs are the perfect accessory for pageant girls on the go! We can’t wait for our girls to sport this stylish new item! Thanks BeBibs!


AshtonMiss Rhode Island Jr. High, High School & Collegiate America Pageant

Beauty Pageant Testimonial

Famous Radio Personalities use BeBibs!

“My job requires me to make lots of public appearances,  and BeBibs help keep my clothes looking perfect while I’m getting ready, whether I’m at home or on the road. I never worry about messing up my outfits anymore while applying makeup, using hairspray or brushing my teeth because I’ve got my BeBib!”

Nancy QBoston radio personality

Nursing Students enjoy how BeBibs protect their scrub tops

I am a nursing student and wear white scrub tops. My BeBib is great for keeping makeup and my chocolate smoothie off my white scrub top! Thank you BeBibs!

Jennifer K.

Women who love Makeup and Coffee let BeBibs protect clothing from spills and stains

I love Bebibs! I use mine everyday when applying my makeup. It keeps the “makeup ring” off my clothing and cuts down on dry cleaning bills! It washes very well and I love the patterns available. I would definitely recommend this product to all my friends. Great gift idea for all women, young and old.

Karen S.

I received a beautiful BeBib for Christmas this last year. It has saved me countless times from spills while having my coffee on my way to work and putting my makeup on. The material feels so nice and the designs are so pretty I almost forget to take it off. Thank you BeBibs!

Carole M.

Getting to know Becky Turley of BeBibs has been such a pleasure. She is professional and thorough in all that she does. I was impressed with the BeBib I received. It’s fun, fashionable and top-quality; a true reflection of Becky’s hard work and creativity.

Amanda A.Copywriter at wordsaroundtheblock.com

Women who commute to work can arrive without coffee drips on their clothes

There was a time when I had to endure my morning commute to work without my coffee. Now I can’t imagine my drive to work without my coffee AND my BeBib! I keep my BeBib in my car, and never have to worry about arriving to work with a coffee stain on my clothes. Not only is my BeBib fashionable looking, but it takes just a second to put on and take off. Thank you BeBibs for always keeping me presentable!

Barbara D.

I received a BeBibs as a gift. I keep it in the car. I put it on every time I drink coffee while I’m driving (which is often). It has saved so many tops from ugly smelly coffee stains. It’s simple to wash and the detachable neck piece makes it even easier. I just bought another BeBib for my sister in law. She’s going to love it.

Kate F.

I love my BeBib! I can get ready faster by using it in the morning and it’s a spill saver, in the car on my way to appointments!

Elle L.

I love wearing my BeBib in the car on the way to work. I can drink my coffee and not worry about a spill on my work outfit. Plus it is so fashionable that the other drivers have no idea that it is my protection!

Lynn L.

Business Women look great with BeBibs

I recently got a BeBib and absolutely love it! I wear it everyday! I own a Healthy food and smoothie café so I drink smoothies and juices everyday. I drink them at work and in my car on my way to speaking engagements. So many times in the past, especially while driving. I would take a sip of my smoothie and it would drip on my clothes. I would show up to give a lecture with green smoothie on my shirt. My BeBib has taken care of that problem for I simply throw on my BeBib and now the smoothies land on my BeBib and not on my clothes! Thank you BeBibs for providing such a wonderful solution!

Renee T.Owner of Eat To Total Health - North Adams Ma

BeBibs are great Gifts!

I just received a BeBib at my baby shower. I think it will be great for nursing! It looks like a scarf so I can even wear it in public and it will give me and my baby some wonderful privacy. What a great gift!

Jocelyn L.Pownal, VT

“We had our book club Holiday dinner yesterday and was so excited to give my BFF’s their new BeBibs. They were just thrilled and all loved the patterns I picked for them.”

Janet B., Richmond, VARichmond, VA

Teenage Girls that wear BeBibs to protect their clothes!

I have 3 BeBibs and wear them all the time. I am 14 and like makeup but I do not like getting it on my shirt. I wear my BeBibs when I get ready for school.

Caroline 14 years old

Existing BeBibs Customer that want multiple BeBibs!

I love my first BeBib so much I am ordering another one so that I don’t have to keep bringing it up and down for either my smoothies or my makeup.

Jennifer F.

Photographers Who Use BeBibs!

I am a photographer who brings a Bebib to every shoot as it never bodes well when bronzer powder or foundation accidentally spills on a bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride! We have fun sporting the different necklace bibs as we prepare for the perfect day and portrait! Great item to have with you for ANY event which a stain isn’t on the itinerary!!

Joan B., Photographer

Brides Who Use BeBibs!

“BeBibs was such an incredible addition to our wedding day wear!! It not only protected our dresses but it was beautifully crafted! We received many compliments throughout the night about what a wonderful idea it was! So pleased with how easy it was ordering the products and how wonderful the company was with getting my items to me in time for my cousin’s big day!”

Danielle P.Maid of Honor

“This bib was fabulous!! Our bride loved it – said it was even prettier than her dress! Such a great idea – I would highly recommend this item!”

Renee C.