Look Great While Staying Healthy with BeBibs!

clothing protection as you get healthy

Healthy Living with BeBibs!

BeBibs protect your clothes while you stay healthy and active as you get ready for summer! BeBibs slide on easily over your clothing or favorite workout apparel and protect against any unwanted spills as you drink your smoothies and prepare your healthy meals. BeBibs are great at home and on the go! Be sure to keep one in your car, at home and in your office. BeBibs are so stylish that no one will realize that you are wearing an adult fashion bib. As summer approaches be sure to look your best with BeBibs and enjoy the beach!


Dancers Protect Their Uniforms with BeBibs!

Dance competitions can be stressful…BeBibs reduce that stress by protecting your uniform before a big competition. So enjoy something to eat and drink, and apply your make-up without fear of staining your uniform. BeBibs will keep your spotless appearance when you need it most!

BeBibs make a great gift! Custom embroidery is available for a small additional fee to create a unique and memorable keepsake for your exciting events.

Members of a college dance team enjoyed using their BeBibs before competition to keep make-up and other spills off their uniform. BeBibs can help improve your chances of winning at your next competition!

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Be Your Best With BeBibs!Protect your uniform with BeBibs





Enjoy Your Commute with BeBibs!


clothing protection for adults

Protect your clothing to ensure that you arrive at work with a spotless appearance!

Make sure you arrive to work with your spotless appearance. BeBibs protect your clothes from unwanted drips, drop, and stains that could occur on your way to work. Our patent pending design makes it easy to slide your BeBib on right over your clothing, catching any spills so they do not land on your clothes!

Gift Idea for Women that is new and fun!

Looking for a fun and unique gift for a friend? BeBibs are a great gift for any woman who wears makeup or loves coffee but does not enjoy the drips and stains that often end up on their clothing. BeBibs protect your clothes in a manner that is fashionable, functional and fun! Visit our website at, and pick one out today.Clothing Protection That's Fashionable!

gift for women

Inspirational gift idea

Brides protect your wedding dress with a Bridal Bib from BeBibs!

Protect your dress on your wedding day!  Your special day is likely to include many makeup touchups and a quick something to eat or drink.  Don’t take a chance that a drip, drop or stain could ruin your day or your wedding pictures!  BeBibs are attractive and convenient adult fashion bibs that will protect your dress from unfortunate mishaps.  BeBibs are attached to a necklace that easily slides on over your dress to help you maintain your spotless appearance.  Just keep it in your bag and slip it on as you touch up your makeup through out the day.

BeBibs are a great gift for any Bride or Bridesmaid.  They can can be embroidered for a small additional fee to provide a special keepsake and pleasant reminder of your day.  BeBibs are a great gift that is new and fun!  Order yours today!

Adult fashion bibs

Protect your wedding dress from makeup spills and stains.

Adult Fashion Bib

Protect your wedding dress from spills and stains with an attractive and convenient BeBib!

Clothing Protection with BeBibs!

Clothing Protection You Can Count On!
We all love our morning cup of coffee, but don’t enjoy the drips that often accompany it, and the last minute wardrobe changes they require. BeBibs provides a stylish and effortless way to protect your clothing from those unwanted coffee stains! So slip on your BeBib, the newest and most attractive adult fashion bib, and enjoy your coffee while maintaining your spotless appearance.

Adult Fashion Bib

Your coffee will taste even better without drips on your clothes!

Clothing Protection that you will enjoy wearing!

Finally, a way to protect your clothing and look fashionable at the same time.  You will enjoy wearing BeBibs because they easily slip on over your clothing, are comfortable to wear and are attractive!  BeBibs come in a large variety of colors and patterns.  Visit our Shop page to select one that is just right for you!BeBibs Fashion Bib Side Logo

Latest Make Up Tool For Every Woman!

Tired of having make up stains around your collar or unwanted drips on your favorite blouse? These will no longer be concerns when you protect your clothes with BeBibs!

New Spring Patterns due to arrive next week!

Clothing Protection from Make Up

Enjoy a great start to the day by protecting your clothes with BeBibs!

Attention All Brides! Protect Your Dress!

BeBibs dress protector is an absolute must have for your special day! Your dress will remain spotless on your big day to ensure perfect pictures for a lifetime!

Protect your dress on your special day! BeBibs will ensure that your dress remains spotless for your perfect day and perfect pictures!

Protect your dress on your special day! BeBibs will ensure that your dress remains spotless for your wedding day!