Finally...a fashionable way to protect your clothing!

BeBibs provide Fashion, Function & Fun!


Don't let coffee drips, drops or spills ruin your day


Protect your clothes
as you apply your makeup


Don't take any chances on your special day
Protect your wedding dress!

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Match your style with a wide range of BeBibs,
made right here in Massachusetts


Enjoy your commute and arrive at
work with a spotless appearance


BeBibs are a new and unique gift, perfect for every woman


Be protected from the spills
Be inspired by the designs
Be your best with BeBibs!

Fashion Adult Bibs – BeBibs Protect your Clothing

From the Perils of Everyday Life!

BeBibs are fashion adult bibs that safeguard your clothes against the perils of the morning routine such as makeup, coffee or toothpaste. BeBibs are easy to wear over any outfit, offering protection from mishaps at any time of the day.  Wear your BeBib as you prepare to begin your day, commute into work or at your desk while you enjoy your lunch.  BeBibs are a convenient and fashionable way to ensure a spotless appearance all day long!

Be inspired by the pretty prints. Be protected from spills. Be confident that you’ll look your best.

BeBibs, the perfect gift for EVERY woman!